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Michael Aaron - Founder/President, USMC

Michael, former Marine Sergeant, combat veteran OIF/OEF, and founder of LINK UP VETS. As a struggling veteran himself, in the years of transition from his service, he understood that there was a need for outreach in the local veteran community. He is dedicated to meeting the needs of every brother or sister looking for a hand up. The mission and vision of the organization is handed down and unmatched by the team presented here. 

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Jason Gardner- Vice Chair, US Army

Jason, served 15 years active duty and made the rank of Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. He spent his time in service dedicated to the men and women who wore the uniform and to his exemplary duty as a soldier. His background in TRADOC and Finance have made him an invaluable asset to our team and to our nations veterans. 







Josh Ruff - Coordinator/Board Member, US Army

Former sergeant, combat veteran of OIF/OEF, Josh has shown his dedication to veterans since day one of LINK UP VETS. By continually adding to the support and overall outcome of every event Josh has been second to none. The addition of him to our board in 2018 has only solidified our position in veteran care that much further and we are excited to continue to see what he brings to the table in years to come.

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Matt Carnes - Board Member, Community Project Coordinator

Matt is a true veterans advocate. Ingrained into his blood is the long history of a family veteran network and a need to stand up and do more for our brothers and sisters. Along with is wife, Ruth Carnes (Volunteer), they have been a dedicated asset to our team since we began in 2015.

Whiteny About Us.jpg

Whitney Aaron - Secretary/Treasurer, Veteran Wife, CNA Lebanon Vets Home

Whitney has been one of the biggest support to our organization, and to our veterans. She knows what it takes to care for a veteran, as shows in her personal life, as well as her professional life looking after disabled veterans as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Anywhere from setting up events, to running with tasks as secretary she has always been dedicated.





Aaron Hand, Service Dog Trainer/Board Member, Veteran Advocate 

In Aaron, you will not find a bigger supporter of veterans. Combined with his love for K9s, together he has dedicated himself to a duty of provided service dogs to our nations warriors. His experience as a trainer and provider is unmatched, and he knows what it takes to bring together these battle buddies.