Our organization has been building it's footprint in our community since 2014.  Since then we've held numerous events and community outreaches. 


Our Mission

LINK UP VETS is dedicated to the future success and wellness of our nations Veterans. Through the use of service dog training, outdoor adventure, and community outreach we create stress free environments to connect like-minded brothers and sisters in arms. These connections form a veteran network that is key in creating a purpose and meaning for their walk through life. We advocate for benefits and care for our fellow service members no matter what generation they served.

In 2014, I saw a need of brotherhood, purpose, and camaraderie in our local veteran community. A chance for veterans to be brought together, share their experience(s), and grow as honorable veterans who will provide a shining light of leadership to all future vets in need. Together, we will outreach to any and all veterans that we can to provide a hand up.
— Michael Aaron, USMC, Founder of LINK UP VETS

What We've Achieved

  • PTSD and Mobility Service Dogs - We offer service dogs to veterans at little to no cost. We have 2 trainers and have been donated land to build our kennel and training grounds. We continually offer this benefit year round.

  • Fishing trips -We are a successful fishing crew and we have created one that not only guides veterans, but we put them on the fish and get a great experience with a beautiful view of eastern Oregon.

  • Conquer the Cascades - Annually we put together hiking trips to reach the highest peaks in the cascade mountain range. We reach our goal of 1-2 peaks each hiking season.

  • Homeless Veteran Outreach (Albany/Lebanon) - Along with our communities help we made "Ranger Rolls" to distribute to our homeless veteran community during the cold winter months. We provided wool blankets, cold weather clothing, hygiene kits, and a light source to over 20 local homeless veterans.

  • Advocate Work - We have connected veterans with resources, care, and benefits from all over the country. By the use of social media we have been able to make contact with veterans in need of education, jobs, health care, and counseling services. We are dedicated to any and all veterans that reach out to us.