Here's an overview of our projects.  Visit our New Event page to get involved!  



Black Dog K9 Service Dog Training

In 2017, LINK UP VETS and Black Dog K9 training have made an exclusive partnership. Trainer, Aaron Hand, as well as our team from LINK UP have devised a training regimen geared towards provided service dogs to selected veterans. With little to no cost, we know this tool can be utilized to combat PTSD, other mental, and mobility issues our vets may face. Please check out "Community Partners" section and write us to learn more.



Community Events

Open to any and all veterans and veterans supports or advocates. This outreach provides a open invitation to all people to volunteer in our local community and give back to those who sacrificed so much. Homeless veteran outreach, disabled veteran home clean ups, military fort and camp cleanups, and cemetery clean ups are among the scope of our outreach. 

Veteran Events

Ran by veterans and only for veterans, we step out into the world of outdoor adventure and create a bond that can not be found anywhere else. Hiking, hunting, fishing, shooting competition, and challenge run/walks are just a few of the overall scope of programs we provide year-round.